Front and Back, Top, Wrap Round, Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine – World’s Most Innovative Labellers

Front and Back, Top, Wrap round, Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine – World’s Most Innovative Labellers

Labeling machines

Labeling machines area unit machines that dispense, apply or print-and-apply labels to numerous things, products, containers, or packages. The types of machines that do these operations vary from fully automatic print and apply high production units to straightforward manual dispensing devices. Labeling machine area unit designed to use labels to a range of product and packages. Thanks to their multiple uses, differing types of labels area unit able to adhere to a range of surfaces, like fibre drums, aluminium, glass, steel and plastic. Labels is created during a multitude of styles and colours to confirm that there’s a correct label for each product want.

There is a large vary of labeling machines on the market, starting from high production units that leave complete automation of the print and apply method to manual devices that offer for easy label dispensing. Manufacturers create labels for various functions, like shipping addresses, product info, bar codes and internal control and rating.

A front and back panel label will be applied with a semi-automatic labeller or a completely automatic labeling system. Applications embrace bottles, shampoo bottles, cases, cartons and cans.

Automatic Self Adhesive Vertical Vial Sticker Labelling Machine SBSL - 150 GMP ModelFlat Bottle Double Side Labelling MachineSBSL- HDPE BOTTLE MMC (2)


Front & back Labeling Machines

Front & back Labeling Machines are appropriate for Single Side or Double Side labeling on Flat, Oval, spherical or the other form of containers.  Two dispensers operate severally that permits totally different size of label on either Side. Top stabilising / belt is provided to carry the bottle for correct labeling. Unique Spring Loaded Feed Worm assembly for actual orientation of the instrumentation for precise accuracy.

Special style of worm permits even Single instrumentation to suffer and doesn’t harm the instrumentation just in case if it topples down. Quick amendment over style and nearly ‘tool less’ operation. Available with latest technology for precise accuracy and better speed. This machine also has Side labeling. Typical application may be a label on the Side of a box or product. Elmark provides each semi-automatic and absolutely automatic instrumentation for all Side apply applications. Here you can see all the visualization of Front & back Labeling Machines


Wrap around labelling machine

Wrap around labelling machine is simply perfect for round fashioned bottles of various sizes. As the name shows, the wrap around labelling gadget can stick labels which might be wrapped across the bottle. Moreover, it is able to also follow specific sizes of labels to the bottles of various sizes. Furthermore, it is able to perform as an independent system for wrapping labels around the bottles or can also paintings as part of a massive manufacturing line. We offer technologically desirable Wrap round Labeling Machines for various requirements of our commercial clients. Those are used for labeling of round shape products and other allied applications. The machines are capable of labeling with partial wrap as well as complete wrap. Here you can see all the visualization of Wrap around labelling machine


Top Side Labeling Machine

Top side self-adhesive labelling machine, top self-adhesive sticker labelling machine is appropriate to apply self-adhesive labels on flat surface. This pressure sensitive top side labeling machine can be integrated onto current manufacturing traces or be fed manually, top labeling sticky label machines are used many labeling utility like labeling device’s , anti-counterfeit/product protection measures software and bar code software. pattern merchandise classified with those gadgets consist of toddler wipes labeling device,, dairy merchandise labelling gadget, batteries labelling gadget, first resource kits container labelling machine, herbs labelling machine, bakery products labeling machine, manuals label applicator, clinical tool labeling device, gadget parts label applicators, confectionery labeling system and plenty of others. Here you can visualize all the process


Rotary bottle labeling machine

The rotary bottle labeling gadget is product of top notch raw substances. The parts use extremely good aluminium, metal, and imported nylon. Machining components cloth guarantee. Rotary bottle labeller its miles appropriate for the single/double/multi-aspects of the spherical bottle, irregular bottle, and square bottle. An extensive variety of utility. The usage of mechanical rotating positioning, the gain of the characteristics of the bottle itself searching out the anchor factor, substantially improve the stick mark stability and accuracy. High positioning accuracy. accurate labeling at various pace; replace bottle does no longer want to replace any parts of labeling engine, handiest want to alter the operating parameters, make a sure manner more easy. Advanced processing device fundamental components expert manufacturing facility uses in all polytechnic excessive precision processing to finish, the primary elements in the machining method could be used within the maximum stage of detection strategies for best control, a good way to reap the very best exceptional and highest-precision parts, discount of system vibration at excessive speeds.

Here you can visualize all the process


Sticker labeling machine

This sticker labeling machine is completely automatic, and features a durable and elegantly designed chrome steel body. It includes several user friendly options like the subtle small processor controlled label dispensing system; in addition because the latest sensing system for label and merchandise. This model one hundred fifty, is employed for labeling bottles and jars of varied dimensions. And it’s the capability to label up to one hundred fifty units in one minute, supported the diameter of the merchandise and size of the label. Moreover the instrumentality even incorporates an exclusive single purpose synchronic speed management system; in addition as associate intrinsic planned system for label length detection; thus it eliminates the need to manually feed and store the label length info into the machine’s memory and additionally retrieving a similar information anytime for dynamic the label size and whereas restarting the instrumentality. As a result this contemporary and price effective system assists in saving precious time, prevents down time of the instrumentality, and even helps to get  higher productivity.




Pressure Sensitive labels, or Self-Adhesive labels, are an excellent choice for almost any product, and work especially well on contoured and squeezable containers. Pressure Sensitive labels are an optimal choice for products in the food, beverage, wine and spirits, household chemicals, and automotive industries.

Application of Labelling Machine

Labeling machines are used in the various industries such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic, animal care, mail, agricultural, electronics, laboratory, construction, data collection and communications.

Labelling machine is used for applying labels on tubes, bottles, boxes semi-automatically/automatically with high speed, efficiency and accuracy. In pharmaceutical industry labeling machines are used for numerous purposes, such as for product information, bar codes and inventory control and pricing, print and apply labels on bottles, ampoule, vial etc.


While selecting labeling Machines, you need to consider following factors:


  • User Friendly
  • Maintenance
  • Change Parts
  • Power Consumption
  • Down Time
  • Rejection
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Technology
  • After Sales Service


Following are the Advantages of Buying Quality Labeling Machine.

  • User friendly machine increases the efficiency of operator and also create better working experience
  • Labeling Machine with low maintenance increases the life of machine and also saves the valuable time and expenditures of company.
  • Minimum required change parts and change over time helps to increase the productivity.
  • Low Power Consumption of machine helps you to saves valuable power.
  • Minimum Down Time of machine saves man-power, increase the productivity and effecting headache free management.
  • Minimum Rejection percentage creates better image of your company, showing long term indirect saving on your expenses.

Labeling Machines with all above features will definitely increase rate of productivity, result in profit for your company.


Labeling Machine: Operating Requirement

Buying good and modern Labelling equipment that can

  • online speed control with lowest setting points.
  • have online coding options.
  • have better electrical or electronic system  to avoid problem during voltage fluctuations.
  • have easy label placing adjustments.
  • apply the label with ease on your products.
  • easily synchronize.

Low Running Cost with the least operator effort should be your prime concern to get maximum profit.





Labelling Machine: Performance

  • For best Labelling machines, you should check equipment for speed, accuracy and versatility. For the highest performance of the labeler, it is important for you to set realistic production levels.
  • Select labeling equipment that will meet your demand performing at least 85% speed and consistency.
  • In the market many labeling machines available with very high level of function and features that sometimes creates a hurdle during the production which may not require for labeling application.
  • Many times it happens that only a fully train operator can handle the labeling machine and in the event for any emergency it is very difficult to understand or to operate the machine without the trained operator. Labeling machines must have good features but similarly it must be a user friendly so anyone can use it without going in more detail. Some time higher level of automation also restrict the machine and reduce the productivity / production as it will take more time to set for each products.

Labelling machine solve problems that occurs in manual labeling system such as

  1. More time consumption
  2. More wastage of material
  3. More rejection of label
  4. More manpower required

Such problems spoil the image of company or products.


Advantage of Labelling machine


High Quality Labeling Machines can be your reliable assistant in labeling your products. Labelling machines have various advantages over manual labeling system such as

  1. Modular design
  2. Ease of use
  3. High output rate
  4. Long-lasting
  5. Maintenance-free
  6. Less manpower required
  7. Negligible wastage or rejection

With use of latest technology in manufacturing labeling machinery, the diversity of labeling modules and adaptors, there is always a solution to meet your need perfectly.

Labelling Machine Model application wise.




  • Fully Automatic Labelling Machine
  • Semi Automatic Labelling Machine
  • Sticker Labelling Machine
  • Fully Automatic High Speed Sticker Labelling Machine
  • Self Adhesive Sticker Labelling Machine
  • Label Printing Machine
  • Label Applicator / Labeller
  • Carton Code Printing and Labeling Machine
  • Vial Labelling Machine
  • Ampoule Labelling Machine
  • Bottle Labelling Machine
  • Wrap Round Labelling Machine
  • Self Adhesive Vial & Bottle Labelling Machine
  • Automatic Bottle Labeler Machine
  • Jar Labelling Machine
  • Hologram Applicator
  • Wet Glue Labelling Machine
  • Rotary Labelling Machine
  • High Speed Rotary Machine
  • Tamper Evident labels and labelling
  • Security Label Application
  • Front and Back Labelling Machine
  • Top Side Labeling Machine

Manufacturers make labels for numerous purposes to decorate the product or packaging and also to enhance the final look of product. High quality Label helps to boost the demand of product with good packaging. Labelling is very important in quality product packaging to attract more customers as well to build good image of the company or brand.

With 25 years experience in professional and excellent design team, provide unique labeling solutions depending on client requirement.